Family Sign Up

Welcome to the FOJ Family! We are excited to find your child a team!

To register your child for the Friends of Jaclyn Adoption Program, fill out the “Family Sign Up” form and a FOJ representative will contact you via email or phone within two to three working days.

**Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a certain sport or school.  We encourage you to be open minded and ready to try something new, after all, it’s the relationships that are most important!**

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Team Sign Up

To become a FOJ Adopting team, please fill out the “Team Sign Up” form on behalf of your team. Once the FOJ office receives your form you will receive a confirmation call or email. Thanks and welcome to the FOJ Family! We truly value all our teams who give the FOJ children love, support and friendship! Thank you for your interest in FOJ.

Please have your team watch this clip to get a better idea of the program. Interested team members can drop a line of love, support and friendship to Jaclyn herself: