The Adoption Process

Friends of Jaclyn matches children not based on a sport or particular school, but rather on the entire team, geography, and other influential factors. Our teams provide love, support and friendship creating a lasting relationship with their adoptee. This is not a temporary activity which concludes after the season is over. We truly believe in Adoption for Life. The adoption process can occur and become finalized in a matter of weeks, or can take several months to happen. Every child, family, team and sport is different and we respect all unique aspects of every adoption we work with.


Keep FOJ Informed

We want to know about all of the things your team is doing with your adoptee so we can be a part of your journey! Be sure to continuously s end pictures, videos, event information & emails to your adoption coordinator. You can also connect with us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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Team Responsibility


Create a welcoming environment for the child

Provide child with love, support and friendship

Maintain contact with family

Plan activities with/for the child

Contact us if there are any issues/updates

Let us know any major team or coaching changes

Lifelong commitment & friendship

Whole team involvement

Welcome the child into all team activities that are appropriate

Support any other adoptees on other campus teams

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Ways to Get the Child Involved 



Activity on social media pages

Become active with family “outside the lines”

Send mail or packages for special events

Visit in the hospital during scheduled treatments

Movie night, ice cream adventures,

Attend his/her school plays, sports games, family events

Connect with parents on higher level


Make the Child a Member of the Team


Give him/her their own locker, jersey, college apparel

Invite him/her to post game talks and rituals

Letters/Pictures of encouragement to post in the locker room each game

Send him/her post game interviews

Have a special seat on the bench or in the stands

Invite adoptee to team dinners/study sessions




Adoption Ceremony


Just as every child is different, every adoption is different. You will work closely with your adoption coordinator to schedule a date for an “official adoption ceremony” and brainstorm ways to make it special for your adoptee. We have video ideas on our YouTube page or you can also request them from your adoption coordinator. We have included options below but we encourage you to come up with fun and new ideas of your own.  The adoption process is not black and white.  Please be creative when considering ways to welcome the newest member to your team.


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We encourage all of our teams to view our segment on HBO prior to the adoption ceremony.


Adoption Ceremony Ideas:

Present the child with his/her own locker

Have him/her sign a letter of intent

Present him/her with a personalized team jersey

Give the child school memorabilia

Mock Press Conference

Meet and Greet/Get to Know You Questionnaires

Make posters

Pizza/Ice Cream/Cake (ask parent or guardian about any dietary restrictions)