FOJ Programs


Adopt a Child Program

The Adopt-A-Child Program is designed for children battling a pediatric brain tumor or another form of childhood cancer. We pair the child with a high school or college sports team or club as an honorary team member. The team provides love, support and friendship throughout the relationship. Team Information


Safe on the Sidelines for Siblings Program

Similar to the Adopt-A-Child Program, the Safe on the Sidelines Program is designed for a sibling(s) of a child with a pediatric brain tumor or another form of childhood cancer. An entire family is affected when a child is diagnosed with cancer. A healthy brother or a sister often feels scared and alone. This program allows for the siblings to have their own team to feel special and supported.

Guardian Angel Program

The Guardian Angel Program is designed for a child and family who are in need of support throughout various stages of their cancer journey. Our “Guardian Angels” send messages of compassion, support and encouragement to children and their families battling cancer.  You can sign up to become an angel by sending us an email requesting to join our Guardian Angels:

***Additionally, if your family is in need of extra love, support and friendship you can email to request an Angel Alert be sent out for your loved ones.***

No Evidence of Disease

What is NED?

NED or No Evidence of Disease is an all inclusive program rooted in HOPE. Everyone battling a disease or cancer lives, breathes, hopes and prays they have No Evidence of Disease with each doctor’s visit. Until there is a cure for the beast we and thousands of other families battling a cancer diagnosis will live for these 3 words.  FOJ is adding our next organic program that is inclusive of all cancers, affecting all ages, races, demographics and beyond. Our vision for the NEDvocate program will help to unify everyone affected by disease and form one community dedicated to inspiring and supporting one another.

Our Vision for NED

From founder, Denis Murphy: After 17 years at FOJ, living with the beast I am inspired.  Watching the long lasting and devastating side effects that have burdened my daughter, Jaclyn, my wife’s daily heart break and the fear masked by strength and perseverance I see on my youngest daughter, Taryn’s, face I am inspired to take the HOPE and COMMUNITY I have found in FOJ and spread it to all families in need despite their age, race, demographic or diagnosis. N.E.D. are the ONLY 3 letters –1 word in my world that I live for.  Our journey with Jaclyn and all the Friends of Jaclyn adoptees have taught me the “power” of being on a team and a part of a community.  This support is PRICELESS. Everybody battling a disease, illness or cancer needs a team, a support group and a voice.  NED fills that void!

How Can you Become a NEDvocate?

A NEDvocate is an inspiring person who improves the quality of life for anyone affected by disease.  You can be a NEDvocate in some many different ways–using your passion to help spread awareness and create the community that can support those who are battling.  Do you like to cook?  Cook for NED, do you like to cycle? Bike for NED!  You can help spread this mission in so many different ways, and help to support those you care about.

The NEDvocate Program will help to support other organizations that are helping to spread awareness and find causes for these cancers.  Your purchase* of NED merchandise will result in Friends of Jaclyn making a donation to another organization, supporting your cause, that will hopefully help to eventually find a cure for cancer.

What Makes NED Different?

NED is different because the purchases you make help to support Friends of Jaclyn but they also help to support another cause that is near and dear to you.  Does a friend or family member fight a different battle?  Choose your shirt color and help support another cause.  Create a fundraiser for a certain cause with an organization in mind and NED will donate a portion of the proceeds to that cause.

We CHALLENGE you to get your NED Shirt, wear it and share your story about being a NEDcocate! Purchase your shirt and share your story below!!

*Friends of Jaclyn will make a donation to designated causes that support cancer research, quality of life programs, and other organizations based on the support of NEDvocates. Organizations are subject to change.

We’d love to hear how you have been a NEDvocate for someone in your life. Submit your story below for a chance to be featured on our social media.