Adopt a Child Program


The Adopt-A-Child Program is designed for children battling a pediatric brain tumor or another form of childhood cancer. We pair the child with a high school or college sports team or club as an honorary team member. The team provides love, support and friendship throughout the relationship.  Team Information

Safe on the Sidelines for Siblings Program


Similar to the Adopt-A-Child Program, the Safe on the Sidelines Program is designed for a sibling(s) of a child with a pediatric brain tumor or another form of childhood cancer. An entire family is affected when a child is diagnosed with cancer. A healthy brother or a sister often feels scared and alone. This program allows for the siblings to have their own team to feel special and supported.

Guardian Angel Program

The Guardian Angel Program is designed for a child and family who are in need of support throughout various stages of their cancer journey. Our “Guardian Angels” send messages of compassion, support and encouragement to children and their families battling cancer.  You can sign up to become an angel by sending us an email requesting to join our Guardian Angels:

***Additionally, if your family is in need of extra love, support and friendship you can email to request an Angel Alert be sent out for your loved ones.***