The Adoption Process


Friends of Jaclyn matches children not based on a sport or particular school, but rather on the entire team, geography, and other influential factors. Our teams provide love, support and friendship creating a lasting relationship with their adoptee. This is not a temporary activity which concludes after the season is over. We truly believe in Adoption for Life. The adoption process can occur and become finalized in a matter of weeks, or can take several months to happen. Every child, family, team and sport is different and we respect all unique aspects of every adoption we work with

Keep FOJ Informed

We want to know about all of the things the team is doing with your family so we can be a part of your journey! Be sure to continuously send pictures, videos, event information & emails to your adoption coordinator. You can also connect with us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube


Family Responsibility

Be proactive with your team throughout the year, including the off season

Visit the team’s website to see if there have been any updates/coaching changes

Connect with your adoption coordinator to give updates on your child, provide these same updates to your team–remember, as much as they love your family they have additional responsibilities outside of FOJ

Help support other FOJ adoptees and teams on campus or at other schools–if you’d like to know if there are other adoptees on teams that your team is playing or on teams on your campus please contact your adoption coordinator

Help FOJ create fundraising and awareness opportunities with your team and in your community.

Ways to get Involved with Your Team


Activity on social media pages

Become active with the team “outside the lines”–invite them to your home or to events that your child is participating in

Send mail or packages for special events

Wish the players luck during important stages of their season/school year

Adoption Ceremony

Just as every child is different, every adoption is different. You will work closely with your adoption coordinator to schedule a date for an “official adoption ceremony” and brainstorm ways to make it special for your family. We ask that your family take the time to watch the HBO special which shares more about Jaclyn’s journey and her dream to help more children. At the ceremony we’d love to invite you to share your family’s journey so that the team can see where you have been and where you are going, so to speak. If you are not comfortable sharing this in person, please take some time to write it up so that you can share it with the team on a more personal level.


An adoption ceremony can take an hour or more, so please consider this when you are working with your adoption coordinator giving her options for dates and times.

If we are able we will send Denis, our founder (Jaclyn’s dad) to attend the ceremony. In most cases Denis will be traveling so it’s important that you can remain flexible but also stand firm on the dates and times that you provide to your team.

Lastly, since your adoption coordinator cannot usually attend the ceremony we ask that you take lots of pictures and be sure to send them our way, along with your feedback for the event.

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