Solace Gala Black Tie Event

WHEN:  May 15th, 2018 7pm – 10pm

WHERE: Weylin, 175 Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Chris Simms Bleacher Report Analyst

SPONSORSHIP INFO: https://www.classy.org/campaign/Solace-FOJ-Gala/c170090

• Chris Simms Bleacher Report Analyst
• Les Brown Motivation Speaker
• Jay Papasan Co Author NY Times Best Seller “The One Thing”
• James Jones Head Coach Yale Basketball

Guns n Roses • Blue Oyster Cult • Journey • Loverboy

Why Sponsor?

“As a company, corporation, or individual, you have the ability to invest in a cause that allows you to provide change and hope

“Cause Marketing” helps you make that difference by aiding and giving to charities and their foundations like Friends of Jaclyn (FOJ) through “Effective Altruism”. When you partner with Friends of Jaclyn and non-profits by impacting the bottom-line of these foundations, your funding provides a special day for each of these children to be a part of a once in a lifetime dream, a job for a American Veteran in the FOJ program and in addition funding to cancer research. Your funding is a direct pathway that addresses these very issues through your philanthropic support.

It’s with certainty that others are watching (internal markets) as we now know that 65% of consumers now check to see which corporations are “Best in Class” through their philanthropic endeavors. Your employees, your most talented resource are wanting to work for a company that shares their profit through charitable giving, and when forced with a tough decision between job offers by two competitors, they often choose the one who gives, because they care.


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