Friends of Jaclyn Foundation

NEDvocate Pin


NEDvocate Pin to help show that you support those who have battled cancer!



Friends of Jaclyn NEDvocate Program

All Friends of Jaclyn adoptee’s and everyone battling a disease lives, breathes and prays they have NED with each doctor’s visit.

NO Evidence of Disease is “Inclusive” to all cancers, affecting all ages, races, demographics.


Wear your NED Pin and share your story about being a NEDvocate!

How to Help: 

  • Be a NEDvocate-an inspiring person who improves the quality of life for anyone battling cancer/disease
  • Wear a NEDvocate pin
  • Share your story or cause you are passionate about 
  • Create social media picture/video, TikTok #4ned
  • Inclusive of all cancers, Inspire and Give Hope


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