We understand that this is a stressful time for everyone. Every crisis is different, and we are clearly in a new world today. Our thoughts are with all who are affected — by the virus and the economic and social issues it causes. But we have weathered other storms together, by sticking with the message our volunteers have sent loud and clear: Kids still get cancer, they will need quality of life programs that help boost their spirits so they can continue to fight.

As you may know, we are unable to pair children and teams at the moment, and we understand the crucial nature of social distancing, especially with our immuno-compromised population. That being said, this is just a HALF TIME for FOJ, we will be back and ready to pair children and teams when it is deemed appropriate. In the meantime, we encourage all active teams and families to lean on one another, and make special efforts to connecting during this isolating time.

In the midst of everything it’s important to continue to have hope and to love and support one another.

As always we are here for you, and want to hear updates, news and ideas that you might have that can help us be better for you. Feel free to drop us a line via email or visit us on social media.

Please take some time and explore the ways that you can make a difference for kids with cancer.

Four things you can do to #AFFECTTHEMOMENT


Making a donation is the easiest way to ensure that we will be able to continue to be a beacon of life for families as they make their way through a cancer diagnosis.

Become an Angel

Sign up, recruit your friends, families and colleagues to join our Guardian Angel list. We will continue to send Angel Alerts for children that need support during this time. You’ll never understand the impact this can truly make, and it’s FREE!

Start a Facebook Fundraiser

It’s easy to set up a Facebook Fundraiser in support of the Friends of Jaclyn programs that help so many children and siblings throughout their cancer journey. Do it in honor of your birthday, your anniversary or just as a way to reach out to friends and do something positive while in quarantine! Share your fundraiser and WHY FOJ has been so powerful for you and your family, we love to hear it! #liveinthemoment, #playinthemoment, #affectthemoment

Shop Online with Partners who Support Friends of Jaclyn

This just in: Amazon sells toilet paper 😉
Use the Amazon Smile link and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to help Friends of Jaclyn programming. For a list of our partners please visit our partners page. We are so grateful to our generous partners and want to see them weather this storm!

Beside toilet paper what do we need more of? COFFEE, am I right homeschooling parents? Try Shock Coffee to help keep you awake and alert as you navigate the “chalkboard.”