Adoption Ceremony


Just as every child is different, every adoption is different. You will work closely with your adoption coordinator to schedule a date for an “official adoption ceremony” and brainstorm ways to make it special for your adoptee. We have video ideas on our YouTube page or you can also request them from your adoption coordinator. We have included options below but we encourage you to come up with fun and new ideas of your own.  The adoption process is not black and white.  Please be creative when considering ways to welcome the newest member to your team.

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We encourage all of our teams to view our segment on HBO prior to the adoption ceremony.


Adoption Ceremony Ideas:

Present the child with his/her own locker

Have him/her sign a letter of intent

Present him/her with a personalized team jersey

Give the child school memorabilia

Mock Press Conference

Meet and Greet/Get to Know You questionaires

Make posters

Pizza/Ice Cream/Cake (discus with parents any dietary restrictions)