What is NED?

At No Evidence of Disease (NED), our mission is to unify everyone affected by disease and form one community dedicated to inspiring and supporting one another.  Anyone, young or old, who has been touched by cancer hopes to hear those 3 letters, 3 words, one inspiring meaning: No Evidence of Disease.  


Why NED?

NED, like Friends of Jaclyn, was born through our experience with a cancer diagnosis.  When Jaclyn was 9 and shared her dream of helping others find love, support and friendship we built an organization that did just that.  Jaclyn, now 24, like so many other children who have been through our programs, will never be fully out of the woods. While someone might hear the term “remission,” or NED from their doctor, they still might be dealing with the side effects of treatment, fear of recurrence, and in many cases, PTSD from everything that they’ve been through for years to come.  This fear and uncertainty often times extends to siblings, parents, extend family and friends that have been there through it all.


How Can You Help?

Become a NEDvocate: an inspiring person who enriches the quality of life for anyone affected by disease.  An incredibly simple task that can help change someone’s life.  You can support anyone, young or old, directly or indirectly affected by a cancer diagnosis by simply being there, listening, talking, praying, uniting…the possibilities are endless.